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Committed to the dental profession since 1995

FMC is the market leader in UK dental print, online, webinars, events and awards and one of the major communications companies specialising in the dental sector in the world. Read by virtually every UK dental professional and utilised by virtually every company targeting the dental market FMC is one of the most well-known and widely trusted brands in UK dentistry, with over 25 years of commitment to excellence. Dentistry Monthly launched in 1995, and today FMC publishes 13 different dental titles, runs 8 different awards schemes, and hold national and regional exhibitions across the UK. There are also related international titles being republished in the US, Russia, India, South Africa, Australia and Portugal.

Today FMC publishes 16 different dental titles across the full spectrum of dental specialities, and its publications can be found across the globe.
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A true innovator in the provision of dental CPD

A trusted provider of enhanced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for nearly 20 years, FMC helps thousands of dental professionals earn their enhanced CPD – whether that’s through journal subscriptions such as CPD Dentistry, online learning or through attendance at a sector-leading range of educational events. With some of the biggest events in UK dentistry – from the Private Dentistry Awards to the Dentistry Shows across the country – FMC’s influence is as keenly felt face-to-face as it is in publishing.

"It is very rare to come across 'game changers', but to come across so many in one day is unheard of in my experience."
Sab Bhandal, Stars of Dentistry 2017 (conference) attender

An absolute focus on results

FMC’s ethos is heavily based around the importance of getting results for our readers and industry clients. Via all communication channels, we do our best to generate the maximum performance possible. FMC also dominates the social dental media landscape on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. FMC brands are highly prominent every day.

Breadth of Services

FMC dominates the dental communication sector and provides a number of unique products and marketing services for dental industry clients and the dental profession.

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We are home to some of the industry’s most well-respected dental journals including Dentistry, Private Dentistry, Oral Health, Laboratory magazine, Implant Dentistry Today and Aesthetic Dentistry Today. With a total of 13 national and 7 international journals, we are able to provide dentists, technicians, hygienists and team members all over the world with practical and useful information.
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Dental CPD

FMC offers enhanced CPD through online/offline learning and educational courses throughout the year. From small, intimate and intensive training sessions to large exhibitions and lecture programmes, with speakers from all over the world, FMC specialises in hosting high quality and well-organised events to meet the needs of all dental professionals. FMC is a major provider of CPD to thousands of dental professionals with publications tailored toward ensuring dental professionals gain the hours they need, on the right subjects and fully comply with the GDC's requirements.
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Dental Awards

FMC is proud to be the host of 8 awards ceremonies throughout the year. The Dentistry Awards, tagged as 'dentistry's biggest party', have been going strong for more than 15 years, while bringing home a trophy from the Private Dentistry Awards or Aesthetic Dentistry Awards is a mark of honour in the profession's most elite circles. FMC has also hosts ceremonies in the dental lab world and the dental industry itself - with the Dental Industry Awards being the most important awards event to reward excellence from those who supply and serve the dental profession.
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Dental Events

Dental events are a powerful way to learn new skills. FMC has been delivering high quality dental seminars and events for over 20 years, providing the highest calibre national and international speaker line-ups. With around 10,000 attendees a year these are the perfect forums to exhibit and get face to face with dental decision makers.
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The unmissable event of 2021

FMC is delighted to host the London Dentistry Show, the capital's premier dental event, hosted at Olympia on September 15th & 16th 2021.

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